Contract Labour Supply

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What is Contract Labour?

Contract Labour supplier refers to the workers who is employed by or through an intermediary generally some Labour Contractors or agency for a specific work and for some finite time. These labours are hired to work in company or industry through labour contractor not directly by company or industry.

Industry hires labour supply services, who recruit all the labour for different type of work as per company requirements. Every industry which hire labour supplier for their work has to get the certificate of registration from the government.

Labour Supply Service Agency

Singhal Enterprises is one of the biggest and reliable labour supply contractors across India. We provide you all kind of labour supply i.e. un-skilled labours, semi-skilled labours & skilled labours for different work in the industry.

As we know any industry or company success mostly depends upon labours and their smooth workflow, but handling and arranging of labour is very hard these days. So Company hire labour contractors for the supply of manpower and this benefit the company in many ways:

  • Hiring labour supply service agency can save you plenty of time.
  • All documentation of the labour will be done by the labour supply company.
  • You can ask for any amount of labour in the given time.
  • Labour service provider will supply manpower according to the work.
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